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Lisa McCune :-
Sometimes life's so busy,
that we forget to celebrate what's important :-


... So SHUSH !


Lisa McCune almost nude
Lisa's body paint birthday suit :-

Almost nude !
Now that's what I call body art !

And speaking of artistic bodies.....

Lisa's magnificent portrait by Shaun Clark
was entered in the Archibald Prize of 2002.
I wish I knew where to buy a print of this...
  • Lisa's Gift To Her Baby - Herald Sun article
  • Portrait entered in Archibald Prize - NewsPix

  • Lisa McCune topless

    Potato Factory and Hell Has Harbour Views :-

    Same videos as individual downloads :-

    Marshall Law :-
    YouTube clip


    RAKE :-
    Lisa McCune sex scene

    Lisa McCune Porn Tape. The blow job home video is just a lookalike.

    Lisa's XXX Lookalike :- LookalikeXXX

    The so-called Lisa McCune sex tape
    LOOKS a lot like Lisa,
    but is actually just a look-alike.

    A damn IMPRESSIVE look-alike though !

    If you observe closely, you will notice
    the girl's ear lobe is a different shape to Lisa's.
    Similarly, the bridge of the girl's nose meets her head
    at a slightly different point to Lisa's.

    In 2008, when Lisa mentioned the sex tape on Rove,
    the number of
    Google searches for Lisa suddenly skyrocketed,
    nearly tripling her previous
    only rivaled when news broke about
    Lisa's topless appearance in the TV series Rake on ABC-1.

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    The so-called Lisa McCune blow-job sex tape looks a LOT like
    A damn IMPRESSIVE look-alike though :-
    YY Y